Joy2Welcome to my little corner of the world.  As a child, my favorite biblical narrative was Moses and the Burning Bush.  There are seasons in my life I am drawn back to this narrative where I imagine that in my conversations with God, they occur near the bush where he revealed himself as a fiery flame, but one that did not consume the space where it dwelt.  It in these spaces that I want to share in those conversations with you, on Holy ground, feet bare and souls revealed.  Thoughts, musings, and opportunities to have our own burning bush moments online and in person are all included here.  On this site you will also find links to my work, both academic and popular as well as contact information for how I can come to a space near you and share in this revelation of who God is and how we engage our world as bearers of his image.

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About Joy

Joy Qualls is a nationally recognized writer and speaker.  Joy currently serves as an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Associate Dean in the Division of Communication at Biola University. Joy writes and speaks on effective communication, leadership, and who we are as images bearers of Christ.  Joy has a passion for the local church and serving the body of Christ through teaching and consultation.  Joy is married to Kevin (a Licensed Professional Counselor) and together they teach on healthy relationships including marriage and parenting.  They are parents to Blakeley and Soren.

Joy is the author of “God Forgive Us For Being Women: Rhetoric, Theology and the Pentecostal Tradition” (Wipf and Stock, 2018) and is featured in several publications including Influence Magazine, The Table, and Biola Magazine as well as an author in several edited volumes.  Joy has been the featured speaker for local church services and events as well as a sought after as a conference speaker and communication consultant.


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Conversations at the Burning Bush

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Please feel free to contact me to book writing or speaking engagements.  For speaking engagements, please include potential dates and locations of your event.